Building a packaging leader on the foundations of choice, sustainability and innovation.

Novolex™ is one of North America’s leaders in packaging choice and sustainability serving retail, grocery, food service, hospitality, institutional and industrial markets. The leadership of Novolex’s™ packaging brands sprouts from innovation; a diversity of products and markets; and a dedication to sustainability and quality embraced by the nearly 10,000 Novolex™ employees. With the addition of The Waddington Group, Novolex™ has 62 locations worldwide including two world class plastic recycling facilities.


Novolex™ focuses on customers within the retail, grocery, convenience store, deli, food service, hospitality, institutional, processor and industrial markets. The Novolex™ product portfolio is diverse and our engineered solutions are designed to meet customer packaging application needs in the areas of food contact, customer experience, resale items, checkout systems, can liners and packaging operations.


While every employee at Novolex™ is committed to sustainability, we also support full time sustainability experts that research and implement sustainability innovations, conduct community outreach and education, participate in academic and trade association research, work with customers to improve their sustainable product portfolio, assess our sustainability portfolio, and develop paths toward increasing our own sustainability at Novolex™.


The family of historic Novolex™ brands includes Hilex Poly®, Duro Bag®, Bagcraft® Packaging,  De Luxe®Packaging, General Packaging® Products, International Converter®, Shields™, Heritage Bag® , Burrows Packaging™ , Waddington North America™ , Polar Pak™ , Waddington Europe™ , and Eco Products®. The Novolex™ brands are unified by four common values: Manufacturing Innovation and Quality, Service, Packaging Choice, and Sustainability.

Our Products

Our Products