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Job Summary:

Machine operatorIII must be able to successfully perform all duties of an Operator II for a duration of 6-9 months and or have equivalent work experience.  The Machine Operator III is responsible for the packaging of finished product. There are many aspects to this position, including, but not limited to the following tasks:

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Safety: All duties to be performed in accordance with NOVOLEX / Heritage Bag Safety rules and regulations.
  • Has completed training and is authorized in Lock out Tag out (machine specific)
  • Has completed training on Machine Guarding
  • Has completed machine specific Nip / Pinch point training
  • Actively participates in safety committee meetings no less than 6 times
  • Know and understand proper operation of all bag machines and controls.
  • Operator must have the ability to read and understand a work order/ item specification sheet, and follow the instructions as printed. Inspects paperwork on each line for accuracy in reporting.
  • Operator 3 must ensure that finished product is packaged neatly and without contamination on assigned lines.
  • Inspection of the finished product to ensure quality and adherence to specifications listed on the product specification sheet. Recording of inspection results on “Quality Control Sheet”. These inspections are to be performed and repeated hourly and will include the following items:
    • Measurement to ensure correct size. (Length, width, depth, gauge)
    • Inspections of all bag seals. (Both side and bottom seals where applicable)
    • Weighing of cartons of finished product to ensure adherence to gauge specifications.
    • Inspection to ensure proper color in colored product.
    • Check for correct placement, size and quantity of perforations as required by the work order.
    • Inspection of print if printed, for color match, print clarity, correct placement of print design, and print adhesion. Taking of hourly color swatch samples and print samples and fastening with the proper “Retained Sample” label. 
  • Operator has the training and ability to examine, change and/or clean slit seal knife every hour
  • Ability to perform simple line adjustments, speed, alignments etc.
  • Properly and safely perform a screen change
  • Ability to train Operators 1 and 2 on running lines safely and accurately.
  • Perform die adjustments
  • Trouble shoot wrinkles, die lines, thick and thin walls, zippering
  • Properly check resin levels for all lines
  • Safely and properly set speeds on the bag machines
  • Understand cause and effect of I.B.C adjustments / changes
  • Demonstrate understanding of tension changes
  • Demonstrate ability to identify all materials
  • Ability to safely start up and shut down the line
  • Knowledge and ability to make all necessary printer adjustment.
  • Operator 3 must ensure that all cartons are marked with correct carton label and date codes, and that each web is identified with a lane designation on assigned lines. Ensure that labels and date codes are placed in the correct location on the carton.
  • Notify Extrusion Operator or Lead Person of any defects or machine issues.  Report maintenance issues with a repair order on the Maintenance program.
  • Ability to train Operator 1 and Operator 2 on all quality processes and procedures
  • Ability to train Operator 1 and Operator 2 on how to accurately complete all necessary production documents.
  • Assisting during setup of extrusion line by pulling webs during threading of extruder, post gussetters, and bag machine or winder. Assist by pulling of webs during troubleshooting or maintenance on bag machine, separator, or winder.
  • Operator is responsible for the ensure and organizing the Operators 1, 2 and 3 in housekeeping of the immediate surrounding work area.
  • Operators are to ensure that scrap is minimized and placed into proper containers.
  • Operators are required to know and understand the operation of all bag lines in the department.
  • Operators are to perform all other duties as assigned by their Lead Person or other management.
  • Job duty description is subject to change at any time.
  • Operator 3 is also required to have completed the following Machine Training (folder, calibrator, delivery belt)
  • Separator (Front and Back Brakes)
  • Bag Machine (Blade changes, rear seal, platen seal, length, head height, temperature)
  • Gussetter (Post gussetter, front rolls, back rolls)
  • Slit Seal (temperature)
  • Primer Nips (Open and close, speed control)
  • Air Control in downstream equipment
  • Secondary Pull Nips
  • Cage (open and close to get width)
  • Die
  • Screw/Extruder (temperature controls)
  • Feeder Controls


Knowledge, Skills and Experience:


Previous experience in a manufacturing environment preferred.  Able to effectively communicate.  Ability to keep up in a fast-paced environment. 


Physical Requirements and Work Environment


Manufacturing work environment.  Constant physical activities are required for this position.  Such activities include: ability to reach over head, squat, and bend at the waist; the ability to lift boxes up to 50 lbs; ability to climb up and down stairs throughout a 8 hour shift; tolerance of standing posture continuously for 8 hours; intense walking is involved; able to tolerate working environment with inside excessive hot and cold temperatures.

Following GMP in compliance with all food safety requirements.

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City:  91730
State:  CA

Nearest Major Market: Riverside
Nearest Secondary Market: Los Angeles

Job Segment: Equipment Operator, Industrial, Machinist, Manufacturing